The perverse mind of Samsung

Once upon a time, there was an incredible magician who performed a spell that affected all the world: now, while the people will go walking quietly or running, their favourite song will ring. The mission of the magician was to try to get a funnier world. At the beginning it was nice, because you were entertained, but in a week you had heard many times the same song, you started to hate it. All the people protested against the magician because they wanted him to delete this spell, but the magician couldn’t solve the problem. Months past, until a man discovered the solution: starting to use headphones. This was a very good idea, so everyone started to buy them. After five years, people discovered that it was Samsung’s idea, it was a strategy for selling their headphones and to earn more money. This way, Samsung finally could overcome their number one enemy, Apple.

Author: David Fandos

Teacher: Maria Cuello

Virgen del Romeral School (Binéfar)

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